Monday, April 23, 2007

Taxing the Poor to Save the Environment

So here is the dilemma. Bloomberg, Mayor of NYC, has proposed a tax on drivers who come into Manhattan and drive below 86th Street. The green folks are pumped up about not going to the pump. Some folks on the working-poor side say this is a regressive tax. Congressman Anthony Weiner and State Assemblyman Richard Brodsky are against this tax.

So this is a huge problem and why the right wing will always point at the “progressive” community to say we are a bunch of morons running around fighting for the cause du jour. But when will we, liberals and the like, be able to learn that we can’t have it all?

Now the question is what do we want more?

In the News: Passing Taxes Not Gas


DK said...

n work this out. A tax on driving is good, provided we do everything we can to provide alternative passenger transportation. Additionally, this tax should NOT be on commercial vehicles. That will work out to an additional tax on all of us. That's both stupid and regressive.

What Bloomberg should have done if he is so concerned about trucks is build the freight rail from NJ to Brooklyn instead of scuttling it.

Liberal Jew said...

Well clearly but this raises other issues. The left is a big tent. There are many groups that make up the political left and this type of fight is going to get more and more play as the Green Folks and the Union Folks and the Econ Development Folks all contiune to gain (or regain) strenght in the political arena.

Yes you are right the city should have built the rail line, but it didn't. So should we force people to pay a toll that is much larger to get into the city that is filled with air pollutants even if it might be an undue burden on the working class? That is a very difficult question.