Thursday, April 26, 2007

President De-boring

"So are we going to play nice?" "Oh you bet your ass." "hahahahaah"

This was SO boring. My GOD people! Say something please! You clearly all hate the Bush administration but you could say a few things!

The one thing that was stated that would be of direct interest to Jewish readers - cause clearly all Jews are in favor of Israel - Obama did say "Nobody is suffering more than the Palestinian people," but he did clarify that he did have more to that quote...that the Palestinian leadership is to blame. He also said Israel is best ally for the US in the Middle East. Hillary said some nice things, health care and the like but nothing of substance.

Bill Richardson was the best, but a little full of himself. He liked to count off the things that he was going to do while making sure that everyone knew he was a governer. When asked what his biggest mistake was he said he is too driven and he pushes too hard. That is like saying you are too committed during a job interview and that sometimes you work so hard and focus on the goal you might miss the big picture. ach.

Dodd was from Connecticut and Biden was Biden.

Edwards actually said something and that was nice to hear. But I think he is too folksy to get much support from the “liberal elites.”

Gravel and Kucinich were both bat-shit crazy, pushing Dodd to say those to guys “live in the world of makebelieve.”

But really, this was really not worth the space it took up on the DVR. I think that there was NO ONE in America who doesn't have a blog or a job who watched this thing. Next week Republicans, and I for one can't wait!


DK said...

What's your impression of Richardson? Don't know too much about him, but he seems solid. Why isn't he getting more support? Is it a gender/race thing?

Liberal Jew said...

Well I like him. I think he has something that the rest don't have. He is jaded and lets you know. He has exec experience and lets you know. He has real diplomatic experience (with some real bad people and countries) and lets you know it. The major problem I have with him, is that I look better in a suit. I also seem to groom myself better than he does. I don't care about that, but for electability, he doesn't have the flair of Obama or Clinton.

That said, I think he is the Dem sleeper candidate. He won't go away for a long time. But that is only if we don't find out something about his past.

Yael said...

I liked Richardson the best too (even though I disagree with his position on the war in Iraq). Not the most polished, he did seem the only one of the bunch who lives in the real world, and was certainly the most straightforward. If I were still a Democrat, I'd probably vote for him in the primary.

P.S. Giuliani is the best :)

Liberal Jew said...


As to Giuliani I will write about them more after thier debate, but Giuliani is really just like Bush; my way or your with the terrorists. You got to wonder why the Fire Fighters in nyc are against this guy...

Good to know we agree on something though!