Sunday, April 22, 2007

More “Rabbi” Issues

Rabbi Michael Boyden, who made aliya and who’s son died protecting Israel, was prevented from saying a prayer at a memorial service if he was to be introduced as “rabbi.”

What gives people? Rabbi Boyden’s son sacrifice is what keeps your sons in Yeshiva and safe from those who want to kill them. Show so respect to the people who actually make Israeli society possible.

Rabbi Boyden is a rabbi just as much as Rabbi Eliahu is a rabbi. Boyden’s only offence is that he isn’t the same kind of closed-minded reactionary stuck in the 17th century “leader” who blames fellow Jews for the ills of the world.

Here is the money quote:
Asked if a grieving father who was not a Reform rabbi would be treated in the same manner, Hiller [the event orginizer] said he would not. "If he wasn't a Reform rabbi, we'd let him do it," he said, "but with Reform rabbis, their belief in God is questionable. I've had long conversations with my cousin, a Reform rabbi in the US, and it's a very far thing from what Judaism always was. So the Reform can't represent the entire audience as a prayer leader. They should find someone who is in the consensus" to chant the prayer.

Stop judging others and start contributing something besides non-questionable belief in God.

In the News: Rabbis in "Quotes"


Anonymous said...

I am an orthodox Jew but I knew Rabbi Boyden well as a child and was deeply saddened by the loss of his son who I remember as a baby. Although some years ago, he had a fundamental influence on my Jewish life. He can and should be described as a teacher and Rabbi.

Anonymous said...

I'm not very observant, but even I know reform rabbis are not really rabbis.

Its a nice title so they can do weddings and bar mitzvahs... but it doesn't mean they know about Judaism.

The 2 reform rabbis I know are atheists. (Not agnostic, but ATHIESTS, which is opposite from Judaism which introduce morality through moral universalism, based on God, who decides right and wrong.)

Liberal Jew said...

anon #1 Thanks for your comments

anon #2 Ok. Since you know two Reform Rabbis you are an expert. Please expand on your thesis.

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