Monday, April 23, 2007

Little Help Here

Alrighty Folks!

It is time to vote.

Please vote for me over at . (Direct link below)

Since I started this thing last November I have wanted to have one of those nifty winners (or finalist) badges to wear proudly on my side wall. I mean all the best bloggers have I want one. Additionally go out and support your other friends and Jewish bloggers today by voting for them as well. You can only vote once, so vote early and from as many IP address you can! (Kidding...well just a little)

Thanks again: VOTE for I am a Liberal Jew and I am #($*@) (or whatever it says) in GROUP A of "BEST NEW BLOGS" here.


Yael said...

I voted for you. That's one.

Liberal Jew said...

Thanks to my fav right winger!