Saturday, April 28, 2007

JIB, JIB, JIB, JIB Vibrations

So now after a week of heightened excitement, it seems like this Pissed Off Liberal Jew is going to make the finals. It was tough. I was in second place for a long time and Daf Notes was looking good. But then out of NO WHERE MuzzleWatch came out with a HUGE 100 vote lead. Now I am sure (really like no foul play sure) that they just sent out an email to their list, which numbers above 300. So, like I though from the get go, I was going to get spanked in this event. But then some friends and family came through. So thanks to those folks who voted from me!

But Daf Notes is a beautiful site that I would never have read so carefully if I was not in the same group. So I would suggest that anyone who is here to take a look at their site. While I don’t agree with all of the d’var torah found there, they are interesting. What War Zone is pretty sophomoric and I must say I have no problem beating them out. Oy Bay is a great local blog and if you are in SF Bay Area you should bookmark them. Jacob da Jew is a good guy and came on to POLJ and left a comment so I thank him for that.

So Rock the Vote and thanks for the support!


Avromi said...
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Avromi said...

Thanks for the kind words and please keep reading and if you have questions or disagreements, please post them in the comments and I will respond. Thanks.

Avromi said...

btw, there was a spelling mistake in the first one.

Liberal Jew said...


It is all good. I will start reading more and leaving my comments.

Avromi said...

ok thanks - enough of the jib's - I gotta get the daf out.

Anonymous said...

It wasn't fraud. The paid staff at Jewish Voice for Peace sent the following email to their 23,000 mailing list with direct links to the JIB voting- thus the surge in votes for Muzzlewatch. Jewish Voice for Peace endorses the Palestinian Right of return (thinly veiled code for hte demographic destruction of Israel) and is by no means a pro-Israel organization- i think its debateable whether or not they should even be allowed to participate in these awards.

So you are up against a professional blog put out by an organization with a 7 figure budget, and a 23,000 person mailing list.

Best of luck.

This is the emailthat was sent out from Jewish voice of Peace/Muzzlewatch:
Pardon this display of shameless self-promotion, but our new Muzzlewatch blog has been nominated for three categories in this year's Jewish & Israeli Blog Awards. This is unusual, because the awards have largely honored blogs with a narrow perspective when it comes to Israel and Palestine.
In fact, this year, there are a number of terrific blogs that have been nominated that you should check out or vote for including Semitism , Tikun Olam, JVoices, and Jewschool. You might also enjoy Realistic Dove, Mondo Weiss, and of course, The Third Way.
Please vote for Muzzlewatch at the following links. First round of voting closes at the end of Sunday, April 29.
Vote for Best New Blog - First Round Group A
Vote for Left Wing Political Blog - First Round Group B
Vote for Jewish Anti-Establishment Blog - First Round Group A

Thank you!!
Everyone at Jewish Voice for Peace

Avromi said...

If they sent out to 23,000 and they only received 200+ votes, that is a pitiful showing.

Maybe some people do recognize Israel.

Liberal Jew said...

Well Anyon and avromi-

That vote is a pretty good showing if you really want to know. It means about 10% of the people who got the email voted. That is pretty big in the world of mass emails.

But also, they are pro-Israel in thier own way. I don't believe there is only one way to be Jewish or be a Zionist. So it would be wrong of me to take your post down, but I felt I needed to address it here in the comments. I will also write a longer post after the JIBs make it into the finals.

Anonymous said...

Is Jewish Voice for Peace pro-Israel in their own way?
This is up for debate.
JVP stood next to Jihadis protesting at the Israeli consulate who were chanting "Palestine is our land and the Jews are our dogs" and did not denounce it or move away. They have acknowledged publically that International ANSWER has an anti-semetic agenda, yet they are regulars at ANSWER rallies. Every single one of their leaders has endorsed the Palestinian right of Return and they work hand in hand with extremists groups such as Al Awda.
JVP is trying to claim they speak for the majority of American Jews. They are claiming that pressure, intimidation and outright censorship keep people from criticizing Israel.
Pro Israel in their own way? Personally, I don't think so. But there is enough material there for a whole new thread....