Sunday, April 15, 2007

JIB Awards and Bad Words

So I applied to be in JIB awards. And they said my title was offensive. I for one have never used “bad” or uncouth language on this blog and have deleted comments with such language.

Pissed is not “Adult Oriented Title” and if talking about circumcision and AIDS is “Some Mature Content” then I suppose I shouldn’t take the cake of the JIB Awards.

Come on people!


DK said...

These guys are frummies, POLJ. They were probably objecting to the word "liberal."

Val said...

It's the 'mature' label that got me to check you out, so in some ways you can thank them for the new traffic! I like your style of writing... so I'm sure I'll be back and yes, I voted for ya, too!

Liberal Jew said...

Well thanks val for the traffic and the vote. I can't seem to get into your profile but I will take a look at your likable style of writing as well if you let me know where it is that you write.