Sunday, April 29, 2007

It Seems I Spoke too Soon

Last night I said it was in the bag...I was wrong.

I am only about five to ten votes out of the finals for the Jewish and Israel Blog awards. Because of my grouping I have been placed in with the powerhouse MuzzleWatch from the Jewish Voice for Peace. They are an interesting blog and I hope you all check'em out if you haven't already. They really shouldn't be in the "new blogs group" because they have a mailing list of over 23,000 folks who went and messed up the entire voting system...but what can you do?

So it has turned into a race for second place with my new friend from Daf Notes. This d'var Torah blog is very interesting but I still want to win. So please if you have not voted already please take a few minutes today (before 10 pm EST) to vote HERE and go to "BEST NEW BLOG NOMINATIONS" and then go to GROUP A and Vote for I am a Liberal Jew and I am *&^%^%. (they don't let me say pissed.)

Thanks for your help!


Avromi said...

Once again, hatzlacha and we look forward to your questions.

Anonymous said...

funny video

Jacob Da Jew said...

That muzzle watch...Oh well, Good luck!

Jack's Shack said...