Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Imus in the Off TV

So shockingly MSNBC has taken Imus off the air.

This is smart business on MSNBC's part. Imus is an tool and a relic of old times. ABC News reported on this topic tonight and some "expert" on media relations said that his connections to politicians (like Barak Obama who pitched his book on Imus in the Morning) have given him a shield against his stupid words.

Speaking of smart business, this is a shameless tag for hits in light of my horrifically low numbers for today. But it also says how pathetic we all are if we all care about what this nut case has to say and what the other nut cases are saying about it. The real story should be about the women of Rutgers. Or possibly how the Daily Show or Steven Colbert are lampooning all of us (read the “media”).

See what I did just then, I said I was part of the media…man it has been a slow day.

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