Monday, April 2, 2007

I Love Passover!

POLJ Family Seder Table!

I am one of the 77% of American Jews who love Passover and feel it is the best Jewish holiday. We always have to rent tables and chairs and remove furniture from some room to fit the nearly two-dozen people who grace our Seder table each year. For the most part we have a reliable cast of characters and hence we get to reuse our place cards for a majority of the folks, complete with tzimis and flanken stains.
Our Seder Table Set in the Living Room

And of course we use the old Hagadot that are filled with POLJF’s (POLJ’s Father’s) notes from Sunday school throughout. It makes it fun to wonder who will get the Hagadah that his sister wrote, “POLJF is an Idiot” across the ten plagues. It makes it Passover.

Each year POLJM has to say “I don’t think we have enough to eat.” Mind you if we have 25 people coming we will have food for about 75. And POLJF has to scream a bit before the cooking begins. Something to the effect of “it is Passover now! The soup is cookin! AH now that is some meat!” And EVERY year no matter how many people we have coming to our festive meal, he will say “I don’t think I have ever made as much as this year.” (Usually he is right)

Tzimis in the oven.

But this year for the first time in her life, POLJS (POLJ’s Sister) will not be coming home. This is a shunda. Needless to say she is an extremely busy and important person. She has her own reasons to be a pissed-off liberal Jew and she does it well. I, for one, will miss her around the table with her interpretive reading and de-genderfication of the old Hagadot. I also know she is not happy about this situation either.

So for her I dedicate this post, all of these pictures, and our maggid to her, my sister, the POLJS.

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