Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I Got the Gas

A report came out today that notes that NYC emits 1% of the United States Greenhouse Gas. Most of it comes from the sky scrapers.

Now I work in a high rise building and I know that whenever I come into the lobby I will either be nice and warm in the winter or cool right down in the summer. The lights are blazing and all the elevators work very well (three different bays with eight elevators each). There is also no access to stairs for personal use. The building also refuses to recycle(I carry paper home once a week to recycle). I would guess my building is not the only one.

Now while it is quite snazzy that Mayor Bloomburg is calling for a recycling program in the city, how about a cap on what our buildings emit?

We are putting out more CO2 than many small countries with much larger populations.

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