Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Dogs + NYTimes = Goodness

I love dogs. They just make me happy. Big ones are funny to watch, little ones are really cute. Bull Dogs smile all sloppy and Cocker Spaniels shake when you come home to them. Dogs are just good things.

I also really like (like more than a friend like) the New York Times. It is interesting and also shakes when you come to it. So when these two things came together today - dogs and the New York Times - I was just happy. No need to be really pissed off about anything. (I am sure there will be something later.)

In the News: GOOD DOG!


Anonymous said...

You like the NYTimes? Have you been paying attention to what it's done under its current administration? They've had major problems with accuracy and with not covering stories that don't support their point of view. They've also printed classified information, and their bias is legendary.

Liberal Jew said...

Well from one anonymous source to another, I still like the times. The admin is not the style. It is nice to read and interesting. And if you didn't notice I happen to have a similar bias, if you mean liberal.

But this dog story is just fun.