Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Back Off Rabbi Eliyahu

Perhaps you may have seen that a former Chief Rabbi of Israel said Reform Jews caused the Holocaust. Now I am not one for starting a fight for no good reason, but Rabbi you have given me a good reason. So here comes the fight I am starting.

You teach your men to study all day and make lots of babies but don’t have them work to provide for their huge families. Then you expect the government of Israel to provide them with food, water, shelter, and security all while they don’t pay taxes or serve in the military.

You repress women. I am fine with the idea that there are commandments for men and commandments for women. But degrading and belittling and subjugation are not alright with me. Not permitting a Get (divorce) for women who need them, also not cool. Having a group of men decide what modesty is for women, I am not down with that. Not letting women persue higher education to provide for the family is just dumb.

Ultra-Orthodoxy is backwards and wrong. Rabbi Eliyahu you can take this up with whom ever you like, but calling me and my observance the reason why a bunch of crazy men took over Germany and killed a majority of my family is also crazy. It is time for you and yours to figure out we do not live in the 1600s and that silly hats are for dress up.

In the News: Reform Movement tries to Smack Rabbi Eliyahu in Court

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