Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Taking on World Net Daily - Part Two of Why I am Liberal and Pissed

So as I continue down the road of fun Rightwing folk I come to World Net Daily. This wonderful publication has advertisements for “Zion Oil and Gas, inc” a company searching for oil in Israel. Smart. Wonder what DK has to say about that. Another good one is titled “Shooting Back: Should Christians be Armed?” I will leave that alone. But they do have a Chuck Norris joke for an ad for the World Net Daily, so I will give them that. (Q: Where does Chuck Norris write? A: Where He Wants! Check him out blah blah blah…)

Outside of calling former VP Al Gore a person “full of hot air”(get it) and accusing Oprah of “leading people into a spiritual darkness” this seems like a great place for opinion and not news. I thought maybe for a second the section entitled “REBUILDING IN THE GULF”** was about fixing the Gulf Coast of the US. Nope, rebuilding is only for the Middle East where we actually created the mess as apposed to just ignoring it.

I really don’t feel any more conservative, just kind of abused.

** It was on yesterday’s page, so I don’t have a link.

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