Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Taking on the Jpost – Part One of why I am Pissed Off and Liberal

As part of my deal with Yael of Boker Tov, Bolder, I said I would read Rightwing publications and blogs. It kinda sucks, but I said I would do it, and as a blogger of my word, I am.

So last night as I sat in my liberal leftwing apartment with my girlfriend who lives with me outside the bonds of marriage and I watched the Daily Show (I have to keep my guard up here) I read a piece by Isi Leibler in JPost. It was a diatribe.

Throughout the Diaspora there are alienated Jews on the fringe whose primary involvement in Jewish life is centered on undermining the Jewish state.

Well I better watch out! Isi you got me pined! My Shabbat celebration and Yom Kippur fasting is all for the destruction of Israel. My dedication to ending genocide and helping the environment is all so Zion may fall. My Torah study is actually hell bent on raising Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Oh yeah and so are my Israel bonds and my more than five trips to Israel in the last five years. But I guess I am not the people he is talking about. Sorry about that…I even knew that.

But what got me so upset was his defense of my favorite tool de jure of the right, Alan H. Rosenfeld. Here is what I am talking about:

When American academic Alvin Rosenfeld wrote an essay for the American Jewish Committee exposing the double standards and deviousness of Jews challenging Israel's right of existence, he unleashed a storm and was accused of playing foul for supposedly branding all criticism of Israel as anti-Semitic. That he deliberately avoided using expressions like anti-Semitism and self-hatred was ignored.

What double standard? I mean really? I don’t see one. We have people on the left and right who are calling the folks who are named in this piece out as radicals and fringe elements. How is that a double standard? Also Rosenfeld does call anti-Zionism anti-Semitism a bunch of times.

For example on page 13 we find “Rose’s unease is mild, though, compared to the pathological fury one finds among some other anti-Zionist Jews. As a telling example, let us review the reflections on Israel and present-day anti-Semitism of Michael Neumann, a professor of philosophy at Trent University in Canada and author of What’s Left: Radical Politics and the Radical Psyche.”

Yet once so-called liberals misrepresented his views, even mainstream New York Jewish trendies began to join the pack attacking Rosenfeld.

That sounds like “New York Money People” to me…what about you?

Stay tuned for more as the week goes on!

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Yael said...

Good job. I'm dragging my feet on our deal this morning (I didn't realize how hard it would be), but I'll get something up here pretty soon.

Where'd you get that Manishevitzville video? It's sweet (as it should be).