Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Supporting My Supporters

While I have been in this blog game now for a few months, it seems that I have a few supporters out there. Not only did CK say the POLJ is the “best unread blog in heebophere” but there are people who are reading this thing regularly and even have it on their RSS feeds and homepages. To those folks I say thank you.

I received an email request today from a person working with Bet Tzedek – The House of Justice (even though it then should be “h’Bet Tzedek but whatever) asking if I could help her out by promoting a contest sponsored by Kevin Bacon entitled – wait for it – Six Degrees. Sometimes things don’t even need to be a joke!

Anyway Bet Tzedek offers “essential human services – free of cost – that ensure fundamental fairness as well as access t our judicial system for those who risk being left behind,” says my emailer. She said that this org is working to make lives better for folks who don’t have much. I am down with that. So this charity drive is to get the most people connected to the charity by donating a few bucks. The group with the most people you can connect to Kevin Bacon, wins.

So let’s review: POLJ who got an email from Bet Tzedek fundraiser is in the running for the Six Degrees $10,000 grant from Kevin Bacon! I win!

Click here to give these folks some money.

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Samantha said...

Thanks again for supporting this wonderful organization!