Friday, March 2, 2007

Shabbat Thoughts - Purim Edtion

Shabbat Thoughts for Purim can’t be too heavy; they can’t be too light they have to be just right, so here they are:

REALLY Bad Jewish Jokes. More Grown, Less Laugh
Alan H Rosenfeld and Mobius are having coffee to talk about a “third way”
Israelis and Palestinians work together
Reform Jews are accepted in Israel as Jews
Buy Land Now! Save Millions! Hot Hot Hot! Selling so Fast We Can’t Give away!
Purim Styles in Effect!

Purim is about silliness and remembering how, in this particular manifestation of the story, we didn’t die and now we should eat. JSpot had to make it all serious and Failed Messiah went all “Buzz Kill”.

But this is funny and he is a Real Contender for Republican Part Nod in 2008: Michel Charles Smith Hillel went political with this REALLY fun and powerful “Team Grogger Force” thing. Why can’t they just say they are against the First Amendment and move on? Cause without support of Israel as a rightwing state, Hillel would lose funding faster than Brandeis. I kid! I kid! (Well not really but it is funny and true)

I hope you liked my funny stories above!

YEAH PURIM! (It was a long week.)

And now for simple silliness that is this really cool video of a neo-Klezmer band. (Hat tip to a friend who doesn’t want a hat tip)

These are the good old days!

Happy Purim go get fashnikid and have fun with your family!

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