Friday, March 23, 2007

Shabbat Ideas – March 23, 2007

Well a week of fighting the Conservative Machine is done, Elizabeth Edwards has the cancer again and it is finally warming up in the New York, here are my Shabbat Thoughts.

Jewschool looks new.
Seems like the Reform and Recons are the only people repin’ for nearly 77% of the American Jews
Here is a back handed comment from Rabbi Yisrael Rozen. Reform Jews are Jew. Putz
See my East Village Mamele agrees, that if you can’t say something well (or say sorry in particular) then shut up.
Will Israel, who tends to really play up the genocide card and takes everyone to Yad Vashem, allow Sudanese refuges a place to stay?

According to “liberal” is an adjective that describes a person who is “favorable to progress or reform, as in political or religious affairs.” So why are those who are destructionists considered liberal?

Anarchists are not liberal by definition. Neither are Radicals. But on a very regular basis idiots dressed in black rampage through a city and destroy something in the name of progress. I for one do not understand how throwing chair through a window of a Starbucks is a way to achieve goals of making the lives of poor people better. Don’t these morons know that “destroying the capitalist system that keeps poor people poor,” just give the low wage workers they are “fighting for” more work to do cleaning up the mess?

As part of the week with Yael, I have read–I am so sorry to say–Michelle Milkin and even a little bit of Little Green Footballs. There were stories on these sites about how “liberals” are marching in the street and destroying homes and calling for the death of amerikah and the evil Zioni$t$ caused 9/11 and other such non-sense. These folks are not liberal. They are radical and for the most part stupid. They are as steadfast in their belief system as the Rightwing folks.

I am not saying that I am not a strong believe in my positions, I am simply saying I do believe in a nuanced belief system. If the Democratic part did not represent my views I would not vote for them. But in the reality in which I live, there are only two parties with power. Therefore I need to choose between the tents that covers most of my important issues. The Dems do that for me now. I would be shocked to learn that any of the rampaging radicals voted for the Dems or for anyone at all.

The number one thing I am learning in this cultural exchange with Yael of Boker Tov, Bolder is that most people, right or left, do not want anything to do with the other side of political discourse. While I do not like what Yael has to say politically, socially or economically, I do respect her as a person and a pundit. I for one have enjoyed our conversations, both public and private.

Yet it remains pretty clear to me that regardless of my respect I give to any side very few folks are willing to take on the responsibility of taking an informed position. I most likely will not continue to read much of the Rightwing platitudes I was asked to choke down this week after next Thursday (the end of our exchange). I will continue to read the news sources though, so I can try to understand why people believe differently than I believe.

Shabbat Shalom


Anonymous said...


This is not on point to your posting but rather the opportunity to advise you that I am "Another Angry Reader" on Andy Bachman's blog and that sadly I did not craft my comment well enough that it's sarcastic intent would be self-evident. I was trying to mock David S.'s position by writing such an over the top comment. Seems i failed.

Anonymous said...

If you look at Andy's blog now, you'll see that David S. did get the irony of my comment.

DK said...
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DK said...

"These folks are not liberal."

Absolutely correct -- do you have the links for these people seriously claiming these people were liberals? This is absurd. To not differentiate between liberal and far-Left/radical is egregious.

I would be shocked to learn that any of the rampaging radicals voted for the Dems or for anyone at all."

The far-Left denied victory to the Democrats in lots of critical ways for the past two presidential elections. The Nader candidacy was a Republican wet dream -- and so were the more obnoxious protestors. If I were a Republican leader (and I am not a Republican) I would make sure to have the convention in an area with a strong far-Left in order to maximize the possibility of outrageous behavior, and subsequent backlash. And of course, these guys play into it hook line and sinker. Note -- I am not talking about responsible groups like Billionaires for Bush, who made their points in a clever and creative way.

"Yet it remains pretty clear to me that regardless of my respect I give to any side very few folks are willing to take on the responsibility of taking an informed position."

That doesn't mean you aren't doing the right thing, and that doesn't translate into no one noticing both that, and the personal respect you treat others whom you disagree with. As a token of solidarity and encouragement, I will add you to my links section. Just give me a couple of days.

Liberal Jew said...

DK -

You sir are a kind and good guy. I enjoy our back and forth. As to where the radicals are called "Liberal" all you have to look to is the Milkin and LGF sites. They are just as radical as those they call liberal.