Sunday, March 4, 2007

Getting Stuck in Traffic

About a year ago I hear Rabbi David Saperstein give a speech about Sexual Trafficking and a few months ago I heard about the Justice Department’s new department committed to fighting human and sexual trafficking across the globe. I found this blog today as I was looking at Middle East Youth, another great blog. It is well put together and interesting.

I have always been interested in Trafficking of Humans. It just seems like something that just is so clearly wrong. Rabbi Saperstein really hit it home when he said something to the fact that there are as many slaves (yes salves) around the world today as there were about 100 years ago. We have not moved forward. Shame.

It is interesting that this blog will be focusing on the Middle East and Northern Africa. MENA is a mecca of trafficking. Israel, Jordan, SA and the Gulf States are some of the world’s worst traffickers. Israel is working on it with people in the government with no other job but stopping this, but they aren’t making huge strides. Their trafficking number from the State Department is up but not great.

Take a read. Make a bookmark. Keep up on the problem.

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