Sunday, March 25, 2007

Rightwing School Drop-out

I hear that Yael has dropped out of our agreement. That is pretty lame and I really expected no less. Anyone who really believes the New York Times is a biased news source in favor of Fox News doesn’t need to prove to me that she also believes in the Bush model of promises. So I guess we are all back to our own blogs and news papers and we can get back to what we are good at, making fun of each-other. T’was fun while it lasted Yael. I do intend to keep looking at your site. I hope you have learned a few things this week, I know I have.


Yael said...

POLJ, what I learned was that I am in the right place for me and I should stay there and not venture out more than I can handle. I couldn't keep our agreement that I would read your left wing sources... because the vitriol upset me too much. It's one thing to be hated by terrorists, but quite another to be hated by your fellow countrymen, by people who could once have been your best friends and family. Given that you're a liberal Jew, I am shocked by your lack of compassion for my failings, my pain, my alleged lameness... sigh

p.s. Did you see the Editor's Note in yesterday's NYTimes?

Liberal Jew said...


I was giving you a hard time. Additionally who ever said liberals are supposed to be compassionate?

It has been fun.