Thursday, March 8, 2007

On International Women's Day - Act and Look Girly to Get By

A friend of mine who works for an organization with in the JewCom was instructed to be at an event dressed “girly” so to make sure she looked “professional.” The group of people representing this organization was given T-shirts – for women – and baseball shirts – for the men – and was told to dress in business attire and wear the shirt over their button downs.

No problem right? But wait there is more.

The letter instructed women to wear a skirt or slacks and heals, to an all night event where they were not to sit down. Not so cool. But still there is more.

My friend wrote back to the letters’ author to tell her she had received the baseball shirt because that is what she wanted more. The response was why and to make sure you look “girly.”

Yesterday there was no mention of vagina and today you have to look “girly” to be professional. Today is International Women’s Day, a day to celebrate feminism and equality of women world wide. When we work in orgs, that for the most part of pretty open to women and dominated by them, you would think that being “girly” isn’t necessarily a requisite of professional business attire.

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