Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Nippin' The Tip Again

So it seems like more evidence out that says that nippin’ the tip is good for the folks and the fight against AIDS. I wrote about this a few months back. DK seems to be anti-bris but I can’t be sure (thanks for the link all the same). It is worth learning more about this situation and what is driving the call to nip. I personally would be fine with being less sexually satisfied to save the lives of millions.

But that is just me and I am member of the "brit" between God and Jewish people.

In the News: Taking a Cut out of HIV.


chloe said...

Member of the "brit" between God and Jewish people. Don't worry, I suggest that you can try to know more Jews to share your sorrow.
Chloe Jones

Liberal Jew said...

Chole and to all others:

I am a very small person in the world of the insignificant Epundits. Very few people read this, so please don't spam my comments...but thanks for reading!

DK said...