Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Mirco-Financing, So Hot Right Now

So Nick Kristof proves once again that he is a true advocate for the people of the world. He writes about Kiva, micro-financing organization, that allows folks like you and me to help people build their business. Now I have on occasion mentioned the fact that I studied International Relations. I fancy my-self a post-Marxist leftwing international determinist with a touch of Nye. (If you get it, you get it)

Yunus is clearly the man. I for one will be making a few investments tomorrow. By using my funds to create power on the lower levels, (read the leftist interpretation of Nye) from a multi-national NGO (read international determination) I will be helping to create sustainability and stronger localized economy. Oh it is beautiful!

I suggest you take a look at Kiva and the Kristof piece if you have the select.

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Annie said...

Slate has an article that compares a couple different microloan organizations. They did it as part of their ongoing focus on philanthropy, and it is definitely and interesting piece.