Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Iran, England, The New York Times, and You

Being a Jblogger and not knowing that Iran is next on the list for the Neo-Cons, you would have to be brain-dead. Regardless of your stance on the issue, it is clear that we are moving into a “different phases” to borrow from our friend and ally Tony Blair.

About a week ago, 15 British military personnel were taking into Iranian custody. Iran says these folks were floating around in their waters, British authorities’ say they were in Iraqi waters; any way you slice it, the personnel are now in Iran. Yael complained last week that the New York Times, bastion of liberal thought and all things evil has not been paying attention to the situation. They are and here is the link.

But this brings me to the point of the post. Why don’t we care in this country about Brits being taken by Iranians? We really don’t. It is the Stephen Colbert syndrome; not America first, but America only.

The thing that really gets me pissed is that we would NEVER hear about Congolese solders being taken by Rwandan troops. That wouldn’t get our Neo-Cons all upset that we aren’t paying attention to world affairs. But then again Africa isn’t part of the Neo-Con’s world unless Iraq is buying Yellow Cake from one of its countries they couldn’t point out on a map.

Whatever…I am in a bad mood now.

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