Thursday, March 1, 2007

Impoverished Judaism – Poverty in NYC

And no I don’t mean non-orthodoxy. (zing!)

There are many poor Jewish families and individuals in NYC. There is not much more I can say that isn’t already on the Met Council on Jewish Poverty website. Take a look.

The one thing that seems to hit me though and DK brought it up in a comment this week and on his blog, that Jews are assumed to be wealthy. Yes we clearly control the banks and the movies and make decisions for the government so how could we have poor folks in our ranks?

Well we can and we do. Nearly 275, 000 New York Jews are classified as “near-poverty” or that their household income is dangerously close to the poverty line. 145,000 Jews live in what is defined as poverty conditions.

There are many reasons. These folks may be new to the United States, they could have huge families with no real way to support them (read the ultra-orthodox) or they could have any number of issues that effect everyone negatively that lead to troubled times.

Jews, just like other New Yorkers, need to make a ton of money to live here and I would be remiss to simply say that huge families and new refugee status are the only reasons Jews fall into poverty.

No one chooses it, Jews or otherwise.

This week was about poverty in this city. Thank you for reading. Please do something to help those around you.

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