Sunday, March 25, 2007

How the Rightwing Thing Started

Last week this cultural exchange with Yael started because of a post that I read on jspot about a Mobius post about a BTB post. Got to love jblogging calling Yael a bigot.

So after all these posts and respect and such I still have not addressed the original issue.

Barak Obama is a member of a church that was called racist by Sean Hanity. He and others call attention to the point that a black church is for supporting blacks. Yael in turn republished some pretty insensitive ideas about Mr. Obama and his church.

Mobius says this wouldn't be an issue if instead of saying 'black' work ethic it said Jewish or Irish etc. He said and I agree that using the word “white” in front of things like “community” and “nation” have a very different connotation then using “black.” While that may be true, we ignore the major issue here.

We are ignoring the underlying racism that assumes black people are lazy and selfish. If you read Mr. Obama’s autobiography and focus on his time in Chicago, you will see that this church is a force for helping black folks in the community break a cycle of nothingness. That is why it is such a problem when we see white (and non-white) folks coming out to say that Mr. Obama’s church is racist.

If I was Barak's speech writer I would tell him to say this to put this to bed: I am a black man, and yes I have faced adversity for it. I am white man and I am proud of my midwestern heritage. I am a Hawaiian and I learned a lot from its unique environment. I am from Chicago and I love it all no matter what. I have lived in New York, Los Angeles, Boston, and Washington. I have seen much of this country and I have loved it all. But most of all I am an American, like you. I have fought and won, but also lost. This great country is more than bickering over distinctions: of cities we live in, of parties we vote for, of house of God we pray in, of the color of our skin. I am an American and that is what matters. Thank you all very much and God Bless America, home of us all.

But that is just me.

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