Monday, March 12, 2007

dung dung! Law & Order: I Hate Jew

Hi my name is POLJ and I am a Law & Order addict.


I know this is old news but I was reading Muzzle Watch only to learn that my addiction was anti-Semitic. So it is bad for me and my people. This is so stupid it hurts my soul. The people at CAMERA are losing their minds. What the hell? It is a fictional description of an event. The situation is supposed to be complicated and related to real life. And last I checked Israel does bulldoze homes of Palestinians.

I saw this show and I thought it was very interesting. It was well thought out and confusing as any Law & Order. It was Criminal Intent at its best. I say to CAMERA it is time to pay attention to the real issues in the media, not a fictional drama.

In the News: Law & Order: I Hate Jew

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