Thursday, March 22, 2007

Al Gore and Moral Issues–Why I am still Liberal and Pissed off

So if an Al Gore falls in the woods does the climate change battle continue?

Clearly it will go on. But as part of this series with Yael of Boker Tov, Bolder, I feel I must come clean. This picture seems to defeat the purpose of circus that was Mr. Gore Going to Washington.

Look Al, if you want to talk the talk, than walk the walk. Your house, regardless of how much you reinvest into renewable energy, is a wasteful use of electricity. The more than 500,000 signatures you brought to congress ON PAPER–and I would only assume that you have more than one copy–is a waste.

So not everything is a loss with this re-reading of our news sources, Yael. But with all honesty, what Al Gore is doing is getting the attention of the American people in a way he never could before. This campaign for climate awareness is working. However we do need to work harder to make the campaign, like our lives, more efficient. I believe if Mr. Gore brought in a CDROM of the names or in some other non-paper manner, there would have been at least two more stories from this event. Al Gore: Saves Environment One Memo at a Time.

If I am picking it apart what do those rejectionists think? “See Global Warming is a Hollywood invention to make our kids hate God while burning the flag and having gay sex.” (A bit extreme but a possible post one could see on the Internet)

More later on this wonderful exchange program.

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