Tuesday, February 13, 2007

OU, Half Moon K, Khal Yisroel, Reform Hecksher?

The Kosher Wars are underway. Failed Messiah seems to have the market corned on this issue for the blogging world while Jspot and Jewbiq hit it up every once in a while. But I just recieved the first of a few debates by folks sponsed by the Union for Reform Judaism on Kosher Food and how to keep Kosher.

I have linked here to the Eilu V'eilu about the Reform Movement's take on Kashrut. Shockingly enough there is not fight about keeping kosher. It is how to keep kosher. I personally have stoped eating tref at home, but still will partake outside. It is my personal choice. I agree with it. But I am bit shocked that we don't see at least one or two rejectionist folks here representing what clearly is the majority of the Reform Movement's eating habbits.

Here we have two smart folks discussing the importaince of remembering what you put into your body. On one hand we have Rabbi Richard Litvak calling on Reform Jews to be "committed to the ongoing study of the whole array of mitzvot and to the fulfillment of those that address us as individuals and as a community." And we have Richard Schwartz saying we have to stop eating meat to be good Jews.

I dissagree, but urge you all to read it.

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