Thursday, February 8, 2007

Kvetcher Reminds "US" Why We Need Diversity

So I don’t read East Village Mamelee often, more because I like the hard hitting politics of the Forward over the touchy feel of our Mamelee. But this week is different. As I was perusing for new Jewish articles the title caught my eye. I wish our Mamelee and her brother’s family a hardy Mazel Tov!

The rituals described in the piece were nice if not traditional. They took from the text they knew and learned from the experience they had. Now I am no rabbi but I do know a thing or two about liberal Judaism. The Reform Movement, as BZ always points out, did not do away with mitzvot, but with those with no meaning to us as modern members of society. Arguably many of these rituals like cutting hair or keeping Shabbat by making a non-Jew turn on your TV do not have any meaning and therefore do not inform or supplement our understanding of Jewish life. So we don’t do them.

Yet we do other rituals that do have significance. And over time these rituals change. To mark time and space we remember things in different ways than our grandparents and they did things differently than their grandparents. We are all Jews and find our Jewish-ness differently.

DK has written a somewhat scathing article about this piece at Kvetcher. He is entitled to his opinion but he is wrong. Liberal Judaism is as important as Orthodoxy. Modern Jewish life would be completely lost if it were not for Liberals. And Liberals need the Orthodoxy as well. We all need each other.

So, while DK can say liberal Judaism “sucks ass” I say it sustains our existence as enlightened progressive tolerant Jewish people.


DK said...

"He is entitled to his opinion but he is wrong."

I believe in first times for almost everything.

But this is not that first time.

Liberal Jew said...

OH Thanks DK!

But once again to each his/her own.

east village mamele said...

thanks for the (mostly) kind words. (my own initial response to that kvetcher guy: "yeah, and then we drained the LEGITIMATE jewish babies' blood for matzoh, which we ate with HAM on it!")

seriously: there's no point in my being annoyed at this guy's lack of basic reading comprehension -- adam, not andy, is the republican -- or at his odd assumptions -- why does he assume this was an international adoption? sadly (tho i'm sure happily for the kvetchy guy), gay male couples can't adopt in most other countries. c'est ca. clearly this is a "try to teach a pig to sing" kinda sitch, and i'm not into wasting my TIME or annoying the pig.

ooh, too late.

Liberal Jew said...


Thanks for reading!

I will be reading your column from now on.