Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Respect or Lack thereof

Once again I am forced to talk about respect and the idea that we in the Jew blog world must treat with said respect. While I have a great deal of respect for those who write about ideas and propose new concepts for the Jewish world. I do not understand why we need to call each other names.

I do not expect to have people think I am any sort of opinion maker, but I do expect to have those I have spoken to regarding an opinion or an idea to pay me similar respect. My blog is not important but the ideas I talk about are real.

Mobius called me a “crazy.” I might be crazy but I don’t need to be called that by the king of Jew blog world.
why are there so many crazy people on the internet who believe if you don’t fawn at their feet (that you don’t even know are there) that you’re engaging in censorship? Comments here

Mobius treat me with respect and don’t make me look like a smuck on the most read blog in the Heebosphere.

I do care about your next big idea and my problem with that idea. I just would hope that you would give me the respect that I give you. Don’t read my blog. Don’t comment on it, even though you have. I respect what you have to say as an individual and a leader of the Jewish community and that is why I take the time to read your long statements on why you think you are always right. At least have the decency not to badmouth me on your blogs.


Mobius1ski said...

you accused me of censoring you because i failed to highlight your post about j.i.y. that completely distorts my position and that i didn't even know about and yet i'm the disrespectful one.


Liberal Jew said...

I did not state that our interaction was disrespectful, just you calling me crazy and other such words. We had a long exchange of ideas, which I believe fit into the concepts of your "Jew Blogger Code of Coduct." But your comment on my Shabbat Idea and then on Jewschool was just mean and uncalled for, so yes you are the disrespectful one.