Monday, January 29, 2007

A Message to the Director of DHS


This morning I was waiting in line to waste my time taking off my shoes and making sure my lip balm was in a plastic bag before getting on my 6am flight to NYC and couldn't help but notice the lackey you had telling me I had to put my objects on the xray and have my boarding pass 'readily available.'

Besides the fact anyone on a shuttle flight at 6am has flown before and perhaps knows their laptop must be in a bin by itself, do you really need an extra person who does nothing else but tell me this when there are two very large flat panel TVs saying EXACTLY WORD FOR WORD what our TSA friend had been repeating for the 30 minutes I was in line?

Either get one less friendly and competent TSA person or cut the TVs. I have a suggestion for the funds too. Send them to NOLA to rebuild a city the government forgot about.

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