Thursday, January 11, 2007

From on MinWage

Breaking: Min. Wage Bill Passes House. Send An Email to Your Senators Now!
by Mik Moore • January 10th, 2007 • Politics, Economic Justice, Jewish Life, JFSJ, Minimum/Living Wage

As expected, the Fair Minimum Wage Act has passed the House. The vote was 315 yea, 116 nay, 4 not voting. See how your representative voted.

It’s great that the House passed the minimum wage bill, but the hard part will be in the Senate, and then in the White House. Some Republicans are making noises that without a tax cut for small business they will filibuster the bill. Supporters of a “clean” bill (no amendments) will have a fight on their hands to keep this legislation focused on those it is meant to help - low-wage workers.

The Jewish communtiy has already done some good work on the minimum wage in recent weeks (here and here). Today, the jspot action center has launched a campaign to tell the Senate to pass the minimum wage bill “without amendment and without delay!”

Click here now to send an email to your Senator. Then fwd it to everyone you know. A strong Jewish voice alone will not be enough to ensure passage of the bill, but our voices, combined with hundreds of thousands of others being mobilized by faith and other groups across the country, can make the difference.

Bottom line: if you support a higher minimum wage, send the email today!

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