Wednesday, January 31, 2007

AJC is the new Anti-Semite

While it is cute that the little disclaimer on the cover page states that the “American Jewish Committee protects the right and freedoms of Jews the world over,” it doesn’t protect or support the rights of Jews who disagree with their regressive political and social stances.

After reading this pseudo-academic 30 page diatribe, I have come to this conclusion: the AJC is the new Anti-Semite.

While they do point to the extremes of the left-wing Jewish thinkers, all while making a nice and shinny “think piece” for their donors, they neglect to point out that because of the work of progressive and liberal Jews the world over Israel exists and is working towards peace. They neglect to mention the ten or so people whom they quote are not mainstream progressive or liberal thinkers. They are extremists.

The authors state that “criticizing [Israeli] policies and action is, in itself, not anti-Semitic” (Page 8). However they then jump to the conclusion in the next sentence that all progressive or liberal Jews who choose to point out the flaws in Israel and its government are calling Israel a Nazi state with Apartheid like governance. Patently false.

This piece of “academia” is bias and useless as the extreme pieces it addresses to explain the “new progressive anti-Semitism.”

AJC is flawed and is acting in the long tradition of Sinat Chinam – Blameless Hatred.

I applaud JTA for putting the report into the briefing today as apposed to only the reviews in the Times and such. Thank you for providing us with the background.

In the News: Sinat Chinam in the Arts Section of the NYTimes...

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