Friday, December 1, 2006

Shabbat Ideas - December 1, 2006

And once again I am sure no one is reading this, here are my Shabbat thoughts and ideas for December 1, 2006.

Mike Richards still not a Jew and still doesn’t matter
Now for a racist story that does matter: Cops shot black man 50 times!
Make Rugby Not War – just too good
Why shouldn’t we reach out and be kind to those in our community? Whatever happened to the mitzvah of keruv (bring those far closer to the community)? A better question is what is the price if we don't reach out.
Jimmy Carter is not good for the Jews…and really never was…he gave us Reagan.

So it has come to the point that we need to be radicals to have convictions. Are the people discussed here actually radicals or do they simply believe in their cause and fight for it? I would argue the latter. Jewcy, in it is attempt to be cutting edge, (which for the most part it is) misses the point. These days being anything but fanatical tends to make people not listen. Jon Stewart pointed that out when he was on “Crossfire” a few years ago. We, as a society, do not care to listen to reasoned argument or debate. This is clearly why no one reads this blog. But we really love to listen to crazy folks go off on ridiculous issue for hours. That is why extreme ways of thinking rule the day.

Ruth Messinger is anything but a radical. She works within a system – granted she did help create it – and is fighting for human rights. What is so radical? She advocates in the halls of power by lobbing congress, leading rallies and organizing educational campaigns. She has not taken up arms or tried to radically do anything. She is just good at being a liberal activist, and there are so few of them these days we want to asign a label of something that works. She has a clear message and sticks to it. People in the Jewish community know her face and when they see her they think “Save Darfur.”

I say to Jewcy, you are looking for a story and a label. If you want a “Label” and real radical go to our friend Dr. Leonard “Label” Fein. That guy is a radical. He said go to hell I am doing it my way years and years ago. He started Mazon and continues to write FAR to the left of any of the folks written up by Jewcy.

There are more radicals but Jewcy is pointing out individuals with liberal ideals and deeply held convictions, not radicals. You are correct Jewcy, radical has lost its meaning…good job.

While I am relatively new to this Jewish Blogging thing, I am not so new to the blogosphere in general. I was expecting people to actually follow the Jewish blogger code and be kind and follow Jewish customs…Shocking they don't. It seems that the “liberals” or “progressives” or whatever these folks want to call themselves seem to take a tone of “well-you-don’t-know-the-fill-in-the-Ashkenazi-pronunciation-of-a-transliterated-term-here-you-idiot”. I take in point a question I asked both to learn the answer and to prove this point. While I clearly do not have an orthodox understanding of Torah law, I want to learn more. I mean that is the point, learn by asking questions.

When asking a question leads to an attack, people will stop asking questions. So I thank those of you out there who will answer my questions that I pose, and I thank those out there who continue to prove my point about self-righteous holier than thou types. See POJL posts HERE and the Rude Remarks of Kol Ra Ash Gadol and the Educational Remarks of Scott Perlo.


DK said...

I thought your question about menstruating and tefillin was absolutely a fair question. And I am not convinced of the answer you were given. I suggest asking hirhurim the question privately. Not that he will say it's okay for women to wear tefillin, but he would be able to say if they ARE wearing tefillin, is there a difference between when menstruating and not menstruating.

Liberal Jew said...


Thank you. I really didn't know the answer and that is the only reason I asked the question...also to try to create some debate, but thank you for the suggestion and for the comment.