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Shabbat Ideas - December 29, 2006

So it has become apparent that some people are now reading this, so here are my Shabbat Thoughts for December 29, 2006

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This week we deal with Joseph outing himself, but doing so behind closed doors. Rabbi Andrew Bachman wrote a very interesting d'var (for real you should read it) about different ideas about why Joseph confronted his brothers after he asked the Egyptians to leave.

Ibn Ezra seems to indicate that Joseph's burden was in having to ask the Egyptians to be removed from his presence and that it pained him to do so–he recognized that more than his brothers who had sold him into slavery, the Egyptians stood by him, elevated him, were arguably more "brotherly" to him than the foreigner land which held him dear (ever stand in line for a bus in Israel?)

So as we continue with the week that was, we had to deal with Israel going back to war with Palestinians, Bush continuing to be Bush, Edwards utilizing the backdrop of abject poverty to launch his billion-dollar campaign and a huge earthquake that no one seems to care about and you know what: We are still hiding from our Egyptians.

Ibn Ezra shows us that the world around us is as important as the Jewish community we love so much, perhaps even more so than the Jews.

Jews need Egyptians. Lets face it, we don’t have enough Jews to simply stay put in our communities. It would be pretty boring and I feel somewhere people would equate this kind of isolation to a retreat to the ghetto.

And still we keep our Egyptians at an arms-length. We never want show our underbelly to the non-Jews. We all have dirty laundry that we need to deal with and we tend to beat each other up about this laundry. This week we saw the DovBear get hit pretty badly.

While our Egyptians – both right wingers and non-Jews alike – are always willing to point out our flaws as individuals, I must commend DovBear for his dealing with DovWeasel. While DovBear may not have asked his new found Egyptian brothers to step outside while he tried to exposed (or let his e-friends expose) DovWeasel, he did try his best to come clean and face the music of the true stories about his personal brothers.

Shabbat Shalom

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