Friday, December 15, 2006

Shabbat Ideas - December 15, 2006

So while I am sure I am the only one reading this, here are my Shabbat Thoughts for December 15, 2006.

David Duke is a HUGE tool (of the Zionist Conspiracy!) See he is on the Jew Media outlet CNN with the Super Zionist Wolf “AIPAC” Blitzer.
Iran is Crazy…and they like to prove it.
The UN did something Israel will like…but soon it will blame it for the rest of the problems.

Iran, the Holocaust and You. Yes you the three people reading this post for any reason, it is your responsibility to take on Iran. And when I say Iran, I mean all Holocaust Deniers. Holocaust Deniers or “revisionists” or whatever hate Jews. It is plain and simple. David Duke, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, David Irving and the other jack-asses of history are chipping away at the core values of modern human civilization.

While the 20th century was the bloodiest and most horrific century in human history, we are trying to use our history as a lesson. We must remember that millions of Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals and political dissidents were systematically killed. But then we allowed for the killing of hundreds of thousands in Bosnia, in Rwanda, in Cambodia, in Darfur, in Congo. We seem not to be learning so much, but if we allow for the history to be challenged, it won’t matter at all if 6,000,000 or six Jews were killed in ovens. It won’t matter if the Janjaweed killed four or 400,000 Muslims in Darfur. It won’t matter if the bloodiest civil war on earth continues to enslave 10 or 100,000 children as soldiers.

But outside of this horrible conference a question still looms over our heads. We Jews are really disliked all over the world. Even in places where people have NEVER seen and will never meet a Jew, they hate us. Why is that?

Over that last week I spoke with my mom at great length about this topic. We discussed a culture of victim-hood and the persistent idea that all we Jews believe that all our holidays center around “THEY tried to kill US but it didn’t work we are still here baruch ha’shem, let us eat!” (I like the last part the best)

But that doesn’t seem to work for my mother. I drew parallels between the Jewish community and the Black community. While blacks, not as universally hated as Jews, tend to be pretty hated. The cultural of “playing the race card” when something is a foot tends to really piss off white folks when racism is not at the base of the disagreement or conflict. Could this be part of the reason why they hate the Jews so much? Our “they tried to kill us, they didn’t, let us eat” mentality? My partner seems to think this has something to do with the hatred of Jews.

She points out, that even if we to good for others, this reactionary and somewhat accusatory mentality “that they are all out to get us” feeds the hatred. But she also says, this hatred is much more complex and this aspect is only the self-perpetuating aspect of one side of the victim. (It was a very interesting conversation)

My sister tells me Sartre implies, between racists and the objects of their discrimination, that “if the Jew did not exist, the anti-Semite would invent him.” While Jean-Paul really seems to have something here, I ask why the Jew? It must have something to do with the perpetual minority status Jews held in every community since the fall of the second Temple.

It is easy to blame the self-contained, self-sufficient community that tends to ignore the custom of the land. It is much easier to blame the Jew or minority for the problems of the city. Jews wash its hands before the meal, must mean they poisoned our food. Jews don’t chill out at the same wine bars as us; they must only drink the blood of our children.

Easy to do; logical, not so much.

This idea just irks me. I fancy myself a logical and rational type. I don’t get why a person in Togo, Africa would hate a Jew. What the hell did the Jews do to you or your family? But my partner also points out that fear is based in emotion. But I reply with emotions are based on irrational concepts and how can you allow you self to be dictated to by such things? (ironic considering I love this person)

She smiled acknowledging my irony and said emotional knowledge, just like any family story or myth, once it is passed down from generation to generation, becomes well established fact. Just like you know a bear can kill you because you dad said be careful in the woods, you know a Jew will kill you and suck your blood.

So fellow Jews, it seems as if we are screwed.

The final aspect of this idea is that our Jewish narrative is based on our continued ability to over-come that adversity (and eat). The real question is how we spin that: Do we go the way of perpetual victims or strong Zionists willing to fight for our people or do we see this oppression as a lesson to stop all oppression?

I hope the later.

Shabbat Shalom

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