Monday, December 11, 2006

Saving Darfur: The Act of Billionar Holocoast Hypocrits

So coming home the other day I exited the subway car and noticed one of my favorite “Save Darfur” posters. Upon closer examination I noticed there was a very nice addition to the printed poster:

“Die Billionar Holocoast Hypocrits. You are all Nazis” [sic]

While this is a poorly written sentence with very choice spelling, it raises a few very strong points that should be refuted. One, how can Holocaust hypocrites be Nazis? Two, why – if I can infer what the author truly meant – would Jews be hypocritical about the Holocaust?

Now outside of busting on the idiotic statements of a tag artists and political dissident, I come to the real point of this post. Jews run the Save Darfur campaign. We run it for a few reasons. The chief among them is that as Jews we have an obligation to stand up in the face of genocidal activity. While we have not been very good at keeping this obligation, we are doing it now. Many point to the fact that Sudan is a Muslim country with close ties to anti-Israel activity and is the reason why Jews are involved in this fight, but to those people I say look at the fact that those being killed are Muslims.

The thing that gets me really pissed about this is that the Jews are carrying the mantel here because no one else cares. The rest of the world should be pissed off. The graffiti tagger should also be pissed off. But simply because Jews are working on this campaign, it is dismissed as a Zionist conspiracy.

Yet as soon as Darfur falls off the radar of the Jewish community Jews will be blamed with the continued death and destruction of Muslims by Muslims. Talk about a win-win.

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