Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Kabbalah Movement: Strike a Pose

Kabbalah: The Newest Denomination?

Not sure what I think yet but I think you should read it. I do think we are all entitled to our opinions and organizations and such but is a Jewish community made up of people who don't practice Judaism or engage in culturally Jewish activities Jewish?

I am SURE the argument would be made the Reform community isn't Jewish because of paternal descent and intermarriage and making up rules and such, but is Kabbalah the same as Reform or Conservative or Modern Orthodoxy? Does opening the doors to anyone make it different from the other Movements?

If anyone is still reading this blog after my wonderful experience the other day with Jewlicious I would like to here what you got.


DK said...


While clearly from my secular-Orthodox P.O.V. the Reform and Conservative movements are absolutely unacceptable, it is never the less unfair to compare them to the Kabbalah Centre, who acts as a cult in many ways. See Rick Ross's cult sheet for these guys. They are bad news.

Liberal Jew said...

Well like I said, I am not sure how I come down on these things...Cults are scary, but then again so are fundamentalists.