Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Jokes, Fights and Ideas

I had a wonderful conversation with a co-worker today about the idea of fighting the war on terror. Can we win? I say no. She said it is possible. She is wrong. Sorry friend.

On a response to one of my fav Jew Blogs – Jewbiq – I said that a war on an idea is impossible to win and tends to only be declared from behind the presidential podium. It makes me crazy to think that the American people still believe that we can beat these “war of words.”

The War on Poverty, Drugs, Terror, Hunger, Christmas or whatever else will never be won. That is the beauty. However should we still joke about these issues? Jspot is fighting the war on poverty…are we winning? Not really but it is worth the fight and being serious about it, fight the fight and joke the joke.

I was victim of an ironic post on Y-love’s post on Jewschool today. I thought that Jew Guevara was a serious persona. After going to a University in which many folks took the Che very seriously, I took the person’s online name seriously. BZ and JG took me to the wash with jokes about the death of thousands of Americans. I personally am fine with such ironic and sarcastic critique, but I feel one should know it is coming.

Jspot’s fight and Y-love’s post were serious. JG was not being serious and BZ was playing off my lack of understanding. Fair game - but folks, not the best ideas yah?

Jokes are great. Palestine is for lovers, the joke found on Jewlicious, was funny and now is a t-shirt. That is clearly supposed to be an ironic side-bar to a serious issue of anti-Semitism.

As members of the Jewish people, perhaps we should be careful about what we post out for the rest of the world to see and read. If we need to be ironic and harsh to our intellectual opponents, then make sure we can ensure people know we are being ironic.

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