Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Free Saturday? Oh, I have plans.

So a jewel of the Upper East Side, The Jewish Museum, is now Free on Saturdays. Yes after years of not rollin’ on Shabbos, it is open and free on Shabbat.

Prof. Arnold M. Eisen, the all knowing Chanceller elect over at JTS said that almost 20% of unaffiliated Jews are “lost”. With that said is it good that this museum is open on Shabbas for Jews to have a place to be Jewish if they aren’t going to shul? Or should the organized Jewish community work together to not lose any more folks?

I wonder what you all think? So the three or four of you out there reading please let me know. I want this to serve as my first ever poll. I too will post the results only with percentages so I can pretend I have heavier traffic.

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ck said...

I agree that almost 20% of unaffiliated Jews are “lost”.

For what its worth...