Wednesday, December 27, 2006

EU it stinks…but is right

The European Union issued a statement slapping Israel on the wrist for building more Settlements. I don’t like to hear it when Israel gets a black-eye for doing what it does, but hey clearly Israel had it coming and it was told the last time if it did it again it would be slapped.

When are the Israelis going to learn that without the support of the western world they will never win the support of the western world? Oh…I get it. Israel doesn’t care about the western world. Should Israel care?

I say yes. Israel needs the United State very much. US is 100.9% in Israel’s court. However the EU, an increasingly important player on the world stage, is taking a more nuanced approach. They are pointing out flaws with nasty things like resolutions and warnings.

Mind you they haven’t done anything, but the money from Europe is mysteriously falling out of deals in Israel all the time because Israel continues to violate the ideals set forth by the so-called road map. As a very smart woman once said, “For money you can see the Devil dance.”

While I don’t really see the EU doing much or anything, it does seem like it would be a good idea if Israel would stop breaking the law and start dismantling the illegal outposts and keeping up more of its end of the bargain.

Last I checked Palestinians (or Israelis or Iraqis or Americans or you-get-the-pointian) don’t like their land being stolen…just seems like a good idea to be nice to the people you are trying to have peace negotiations with or maybe that is just me.

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formermuslim said...

The EU will soone become irrelevant, and islamic.

Altough the latter will precede the former.