Sunday, December 3, 2006

Bong hits 4 Jesus and other Supreme Court rulings

Well I am not for either any more, but I think this young man has a great In the article our young first amendment warrior is fighting for his right to say really stupid things. His fight against the man could possibly be the best civics lesson to hit high school potheads in a generation.

On the other aspect of this fight is that this kid chose to invoke an evangelical response to cannabis consumption. Brilliant if you ask me. Alaska, known for its progressive values and well thought-out civic building and bridge projects, Jesus tends to get people’s attention. This individual took an opportunity to be heard through a religious outlet that has, in the past, been limited to very conservative interpretations of the law and social norms.

Well-done Bong Hit guy! Further proving Jesus should be left out of the American political discourse. I hope that the opening argument of this case includes statements like “in poor taste” and “blasphemy.” ‘Cause then we know that the separation of Church and State is in full effect!

Also happy to see that other church state issues will be discussed. The other case is for real and not just fun with pothead Jesus. It hits the Bush administrations office of religion in America by saying it violates the aspect of the constitution that says the government will not endorse a particular religion.

I wonder how giving money to religious groups doesn’t violate that endorsement aspect…but whatever, if Bush says good, then it must be good.

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