Sunday, December 17, 2006

Ahron Cohen Deserves to Shut-Up

Here it is I am going to say it. I am going to be hypocritical and hate on individuals and say that the Neturei Karta and all those who follow their thinking are idiotic.

I feel that they should be kicked out of the Jewish community for their statements about the Holocaust. I could care less about their Israel hatred and their general dismissal of any sort of modern ideals. But this is too far. After their trip to Iran to gallivant with Nazis, Klansmen and such Rabbi Ahron Cohen of the UK said:

“There is no question that there was a Holocaust and gas chambers. There are too many eyewitnesses.

“However, our approach is that when one suffers, the one who perpetrates the suffering is obviously guilty but he will never succeed if the victim did not deserve it in one way or another.

“We have to look within to improve and try to better ourselves and remove those characteristics or actions that may have been the cause of the success of the Holocaust.”

There is deep end and then there is outrageous. Cohen and all his little friends should stop talking to anyone. On behalf of my grandparents, millions of gypsies, gays and commies I say Neturei Karta, go back to the shtel and fight off the next pogrom without any help from the rest of the Jewish community. You are not good Jews.

In the News: Times of London Rabbi claims Holocaust dead ‘deserved it’

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Anonymous said...

Six million, that is 6,000,000, that is 1+1+1+1+1+1 times a million of your ancestors, each single one a mother, a father, a brother, a sister, a son or a daughter blesses you for this post.