Saturday, November 25, 2006

Shabbat Ideas – November 24, 2006

(or the 25th)

While once again I am sure no one is reading this blog, here are my Shabbat ideas for November 25th.

Kramer should not have said what he said
Israel being “Israeli” and biting the hand that feeds it.
Happy Thanksgiving. For an interesting read:Jewbiq once again.
I now know why it is Written that we should not eat the shell fish – Food poisoning sucks

So over the past week Mike Richards lost his head and used racial epithets to get back at a heckler. And the world was disgusted and rightly so. His intention was clear, get a laugh by utilizing fear-filled language. He lost his cool, so he says and anyone who has seen the TMZ video would attest to the same statement. He went crazy. But could it be that far from what his true character is on a daily basis? We will never know. Yet the Jewish blogs went a bit crazy about it.

This is completely hypocritical. Who knows what is really going on in the mind of this clearly disturbed actor? He is on the way down. There isn’t much of a call for a straight up crazy guy anymore. With the end of Seinfeld, we have not seen much of this Mike Richards.

Yet as the lucrative business of selling something that you once got for free continues, Jerry Seinfeld came out very quickly to protect his ever-larger coffers of DVD sales. A good friend of mine cancelled his pre-order of the DVD seasons as soon as he heard Kramer’s mouth go off. So there you go; Jerry is right, black folks are not going to buy his DVDs because of this tirade. But what about the Jews?

My friend is a man of principle, and a HUGE fan of Seinfeld. Now does it make any difference what you $50 (or so dollars) goes into the machine and then pays this crazy man? I would argue yes it does. I would also argue that Jews who continue to see Mel Gibson movies are being stupid. The man doesn’t like you. It is crazy; when you are uninhibited you tend to say the things on your mind. But these are the easy things to argue.

Now to my favorite target of opposition: Boart a person who utilizes fear-filled statements to get a laugh.

Should we, as Jews, be happy to see Boart as the poster child for forward thinking modern Jews? I think we need to laugh and learn from our shortcomings, we should laugh and learn from others shortcomings, but what do others get from this? Not too much.

As was reported earlier this week, the only people not to sue Sasha Cohen are the Jews, but that could be for any number of reasons. One of which is as Jews we tend to get it. But Boart premiered at Number 1 at the box office. If ever Jew in America went to the movies, and we know that didn’t happen, it would not have premiered that high.

So should we support such an elitist laugh at the middle of America while we condemn the use of words purged at the Laugh Factory? It is hypocritical. All I ask is that we look at what we laugh at first.

Kike is only funny when we know it is supposed to be joke. A Nigger joke is only alright when it is intended to be funny. Insert-your-favorite-racial-group-here all agree; think when you open your mouth and think about the humor that represents your people.

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