Sunday, November 19, 2006

Modesty For Women is Only For Men

So what does it mean when a thousand black hats get together and decide what their women will do and wear? OH Torah Judaism.

While it is clear these folks are making decisions for themselves and their own community, this community is very much backwards. Where else in the world do the men decide what should happen for the women…oh yeah never mind on that point.

So where is the line? The woman interviewed in this article says that for men, life is for Torah and for women it is for modesty. So why are the men taking time away from the Torah/Talmud/etc to address the most important thing for a Jewish woman? These men do this because women are second-class citizens according to their interpretation.

It is also important to note that these same folks pressured organizers of a conference for women’s rights in marriage and divorce. Why I can only guess.

Thankfully though, we can add sexism to the charges against the haredi for this month.

In the News: Ynet Rabbis: Modesty slacking, stand guard!

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