Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Evangelical Support of Israel: Good or Best?

I ask a question: why do the Jewish people in the United States (and suppose everywhere else) get all excited when those who have never respected our rights to religious expression and in-turn try to convert us, support Israel? Is Evangelical Christian support of Israel all it is cracked up to be? I wonder…

Let us take a look at the facts:
The Evangelical Christians (both left and right but most strikingly the right) support Israel for theological and political reasons.
The theological reasons are both good and bad.
I am frightened by any group –black hat or mega church- that believes something is a clear directive from God that he (or she, but lest be honest here) heard the other day.
Now that we have that out of the way, shouldn’t we wonder why the Evangelicals are touting support of Israel by the United States as “God’s foreign policy?” I wonder what the intentions are of these groups like Christians United for Israel. But as a very wise rabbi once said “If the Christian right is wrong we will thank them for there support, if they are right well then it is going to be a different story.”

But should we look at more than just the story? Is this just a vain struggle for support of Israel? We are clearly missing something. As liberals and Jews we are fighting against much of what the Evangelical rightwing is fighting for; prayer in school, intelligent design, lots of guns. Yet we will take them in when it come to Israel.

Israel is important and meaningful and such, but do we devalue our support and our right to criticize her when her government does stupid things like shelling civilians or dropping cluster bombs when we are aligned with groups like CUFI? The answer is yes. Unmitigated support for Israel’s right to exist is unquestioned by people in their right mind in positions of power in the United States. So why does the Jewish community – a liberal leaning bunch – find the time to work with such revisionist when it comes to Israel?

We need to start asking these questions more seriously.

In the News: New York Times God’s Foreign Policy.

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