Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Chain Letters Piss Me Off

I got one of these chain letters of Jewish propaganda…in Italics are my additions. Below are some of the highlights…edited for length.

So much for keeping it in our own house, oh well. There were some statements which with I agreed 100%. But these below just make me mad! Why do we insist on being better than everyone else by pointing out the flaws in others and only focusing on our strong points? If we are the best, we should be better than that.

----I'm proud to be a Jew because Jewish education does not consist
of teaching martyrdom and hatred. And because a group of men decide what women should do with their bodies and makes sure they can't get a divorce and stones Gays and do not allow converts to live in Israel as Jews and denouces Reform, Conservative, Reconstructionist and other Liberal Jewish ideas as worse than idolitry .

---I'm proud to be a Jew because my religious leaders and religious services don't whip me into a frenzy to kill others. And because there are folks in JDL, Kachani Chi and followers of now Israeli Cabinet Member Lieberman all calling for the "forcible transfer" of Arabs.

---I'm proud to be a Jew because even when Israel is wrongly and falsely accused of killing innocent civilians, Jewish leaders apologize immediately for any loss of life instead of celebrating these deaths by passing out candy and shooting celebratory gunshots into the air. And because they keep doing it and keep saying sorry.

---When the world accuses Israel of massacre in Jenin when the world accuses Israel of bombing civilians on a Gaza beach when the world accuses Israel of shooting a child cowering against a wall when the world accuses Israel of bombing a Lebanese apartment building killing 56 civilians when all of these accusations turn out to be totally false to be vicious anti-Semitic lies and when all along I knew in my heart that these stories just could not be true and I'm later proven to be right then I'm proud to be a Jew. And even when I am wrong because Israel does use luster bombs and did kill lots of people in Gaza during the fog of the Lebanese war and does practice torture and then Jews say calling that out a bad thing is anti-Semitism I am proud to be a Jew.

----I'm proud to be a Jew when my army, the Israeli army, drops leaflets and makes calls to Lebanese citizens on their cell phones to warn them to evacuate before bombing begins. I am proud to be a Jew when American Jews don't claim the IDF.

----When Israel must defend its very right to exist, when it must fight a well armed enemy representing the Islamic fascists, as President Bush has called them, when Israel must conduct this war on terror with its hands tied behind its back so as not to take an innocent life lest the media have something true to report, that it must fight this war of survival under the cloud of "disproportionality", as if thousands of Katusha rockets falling on its citizenry is somehow "proportionate" when Israel simultaneously pushes back these threats both in the North and in the South under the added pressure of a biased media, then I'm proud to be a Jew. I am also proud to be a Jew when I hide behind President Bush and pretending that eople really sided with Hezbollah in this last war and use the "media" as an excuse.

---I'm proud to be a Jew because Mel Gibson is not a Jew. Kramer needs a new publicist.

---I'm proud to be a Jew when the UN's Human Rights Commission consists of countries like Syria, Libya and Iran and Israel is not asked to join. I am proud to be a Jew when people forget to remember that we like UN but not when it has to do with Israel and this is also old...the UN Human Rights Commission no longer exists and none of the aforementioned countries are members...thanks to the Jews who still believe in international diplomacy.

----I am proud to be a Jew when Israelis on the left and on the right support the government's decision to fight; when 97% of the country is united in its own defense; when Israelis from Jerusalem give shelter to families from Haifa; when food from the Negev is donated to feed soldiers at the front; when the IDF deploys soldiers on special assignments to deliver diapers to shelters and to entertain and calm the frightened children. Me too.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The survival of the Jewish People is at STAKE!

Jews MUST control the News! It is for the survival of the Jewish people. Less than 1% of the world’s population must control access to information and opinion. Oh…never mind. The "In the News" below is a MUST read. What a crazy man Mr. Isi Leibler (right) is these days!

So, Isi Leibler, what can we do to save the Jewish people?
“The answer is obvious. The creation of a global TV channel promoting a Jewish viewpoint must now assume the highest priority.”

Let us take time, money and energy away from things like educating our children, feeding hungry Jews, creating vibrant modern Jewish life in the Diaspora and Israel and create TV station.

In the News: All the Jews, All the Time

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Shabbat Ideas – November 24, 2006

(or the 25th)

While once again I am sure no one is reading this blog, here are my Shabbat ideas for November 25th.

Kramer should not have said what he said
Israel being “Israeli” and biting the hand that feeds it.
Happy Thanksgiving. For an interesting read:Jewbiq once again.
I now know why it is Written that we should not eat the shell fish – Food poisoning sucks

So over the past week Mike Richards lost his head and used racial epithets to get back at a heckler. And the world was disgusted and rightly so. His intention was clear, get a laugh by utilizing fear-filled language. He lost his cool, so he says and anyone who has seen the TMZ video would attest to the same statement. He went crazy. But could it be that far from what his true character is on a daily basis? We will never know. Yet the Jewish blogs went a bit crazy about it.

This is completely hypocritical. Who knows what is really going on in the mind of this clearly disturbed actor? He is on the way down. There isn’t much of a call for a straight up crazy guy anymore. With the end of Seinfeld, we have not seen much of this Mike Richards.

Yet as the lucrative business of selling something that you once got for free continues, Jerry Seinfeld came out very quickly to protect his ever-larger coffers of DVD sales. A good friend of mine cancelled his pre-order of the DVD seasons as soon as he heard Kramer’s mouth go off. So there you go; Jerry is right, black folks are not going to buy his DVDs because of this tirade. But what about the Jews?

My friend is a man of principle, and a HUGE fan of Seinfeld. Now does it make any difference what you $50 (or so dollars) goes into the machine and then pays this crazy man? I would argue yes it does. I would also argue that Jews who continue to see Mel Gibson movies are being stupid. The man doesn’t like you. It is crazy; when you are uninhibited you tend to say the things on your mind. But these are the easy things to argue.

Now to my favorite target of opposition: Boart a person who utilizes fear-filled statements to get a laugh.

Should we, as Jews, be happy to see Boart as the poster child for forward thinking modern Jews? I think we need to laugh and learn from our shortcomings, we should laugh and learn from others shortcomings, but what do others get from this? Not too much.

As was reported earlier this week, the only people not to sue Sasha Cohen are the Jews, but that could be for any number of reasons. One of which is as Jews we tend to get it. But Boart premiered at Number 1 at the box office. If ever Jew in America went to the movies, and we know that didn’t happen, it would not have premiered that high.

So should we support such an elitist laugh at the middle of America while we condemn the use of words purged at the Laugh Factory? It is hypocritical. All I ask is that we look at what we laugh at first.

Kike is only funny when we know it is supposed to be joke. A Nigger joke is only alright when it is intended to be funny. Insert-your-favorite-racial-group-here all agree; think when you open your mouth and think about the humor that represents your people.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

This Just In: Orthodox Still Don’t Like Gays – But Courts Say Gay OK

Jrls, Israel – The Supreme Court has ruled (of Israel folks don’t get that excited) that the State must recognize GLBT marriages preformed in municipalities, states and countries (Commonwealths as well) that legally allow such marriages. And the peasants rejoice while the ultra-orthodox do not.

In the News: Ha'aretz New Position for Court.

Monday, November 20, 2006

UCLA, Police and You(tube)

This is sick. Jewlicious had this on the site. We need to be outraged. We need to support the students, teachers, professors, community members and police who are outraged. This type of behavior is unacceptable in society. As Jews who have for too long been the perennial victim. Please take the time to write a letter of support to your local University and perhaps even send a letter over the University of California.

Send a letter to UC President Dynes
Send a letter to UCLA Acting Chancellor Abrams or call him 310-825-2151

UCLA’s Official Statement

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Modesty For Women is Only For Men

So what does it mean when a thousand black hats get together and decide what their women will do and wear? OH Torah Judaism.

While it is clear these folks are making decisions for themselves and their own community, this community is very much backwards. Where else in the world do the men decide what should happen for the women…oh yeah never mind on that point.

So where is the line? The woman interviewed in this article says that for men, life is for Torah and for women it is for modesty. So why are the men taking time away from the Torah/Talmud/etc to address the most important thing for a Jewish woman? These men do this because women are second-class citizens according to their interpretation.

It is also important to note that these same folks pressured organizers of a conference for women’s rights in marriage and divorce. Why I can only guess.

Thankfully though, we can add sexism to the charges against the haredi for this month.

In the News: Ynet Rabbis: Modesty slacking, stand guard!

Friday, November 17, 2006

Shabbat Ideas – November 17, 2006

While I am SURE a few people may be reading this blog as of now, I will be more polite with my thoughts of this Erev Shabbat.

There are more Jews affiliating with Judaism thanks to Outreach. That is good
The Socialist Party will back a woman in Presidential Race in France. Good for Lefties, but good for the Jews? Remains to be seen…
Milton Friedman, z”l, passed away. Sad. Even liberals have to rep such a brilliant mind.
A Very interesting point about Christian involvement in Politics. A good read:

So this was my first week on the block. I was the new kid at school but I have seemed to piss some folks off. Well, for that I am sorry. I am only pointing out some inaccuracies in judgment, perhaps mine and perhaps those of whom I have pissed off. While I do understand that everyone is entitled to his or her opinion regarding everything, I believe I am right for me. That does not mean, that I am right for you, but I will let you know what I think. I am not a passive liberal. I am a pissed off one.

This simply means that when I see something that I disagree/agree with, like/dislike or any other such emotion, I will say it. Liberals, for too long, have been relative. There is no need to be a relativist. It doesn’t make any sense to have an opinion and not stand up for it. I do not apologize for having opinions and voicing them. Yet in some cases you need to listen to your critics and be critical of yourself as well. Once again I point to myself and those who have criticized me.

In regards to my profile change: I was shown my own self-righteousness by some very pissed off post-doms. I must apologize for my tone in my initial posts. I should have posed a question. Yet I still can't get my head around the idea of like minded people with similar ideals and beliefs not being part of something that in and of itself is a separate denomination/sect/philosophy from a majority of the overarching system of belief are not a denomination. Jewbiq well done and thanks for the link. I have heard what you have to say, and will keep my tone in mind when I continue to pose questions.

Shabbat Shalom.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Cute Dogs = Evil Baby Killing?


This is an undated picture provided by the Fondazione San Raffaele
del Monte Tabor, showing a dog that was severely disabled by muscular dystrophy
but was able to walk faster and jump after stem cell treatments. The new
research shows stem cells would work remarkably well at easing symptoms of
muscular dystrophy in dogs, an experiment that experts call a significant step
toward treating people. The study was published online Wednesday, Nov. 15, 2006
by the journal Nature. (Fondazione San Raffaele del Monte Tabor / AP)

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Jews are Now Ok...Muslims Not So Much

CNN’s Glenn Beck has played into the hands of the Radical Right. He called the first Muslim Congressman, the Honorable Keith Ellison, if he was an “islamofacists” of whatever the silly scary term is today.

How long ago was it when the Jews support Israel before the US and Catholics could only answer to the Pope?

Mr. Ellison is an elected official. He is accountable to not only the people in his district but to the constitution of the United States. It might be fair ask if the people like Catherine Harris and other such Christian and other such non-sinning legislators are really going to serve the people or serve their idea of God?

Take a look at the clip brought to you by Media Matters.

Evangelical Support of Israel: Good or Best?

I ask a question: why do the Jewish people in the United States (and suppose everywhere else) get all excited when those who have never respected our rights to religious expression and in-turn try to convert us, support Israel? Is Evangelical Christian support of Israel all it is cracked up to be? I wonder…

Let us take a look at the facts:
The Evangelical Christians (both left and right but most strikingly the right) support Israel for theological and political reasons.
The theological reasons are both good and bad.
I am frightened by any group –black hat or mega church- that believes something is a clear directive from God that he (or she, but lest be honest here) heard the other day.
Now that we have that out of the way, shouldn’t we wonder why the Evangelicals are touting support of Israel by the United States as “God’s foreign policy?” I wonder what the intentions are of these groups like Christians United for Israel. But as a very wise rabbi once said “If the Christian right is wrong we will thank them for there support, if they are right well then it is going to be a different story.”

But should we look at more than just the story? Is this just a vain struggle for support of Israel? We are clearly missing something. As liberals and Jews we are fighting against much of what the Evangelical rightwing is fighting for; prayer in school, intelligent design, lots of guns. Yet we will take them in when it come to Israel.

Israel is important and meaningful and such, but do we devalue our support and our right to criticize her when her government does stupid things like shelling civilians or dropping cluster bombs when we are aligned with groups like CUFI? The answer is yes. Unmitigated support for Israel’s right to exist is unquestioned by people in their right mind in positions of power in the United States. So why does the Jewish community – a liberal leaning bunch – find the time to work with such revisionist when it comes to Israel?

We need to start asking these questions more seriously.

In the News: New York Times God’s Foreign Policy.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

This Just In: Orthodox Still Don't Like Gays

IDF Rabbi Compares Gays to Beasts

Thank God that the Israeli Government is so smart to advertise that Israel’s army is the only army in the world to allow for gay officers. It is fantastic that the army also allows for it religious leaders to say such things like “It's forbidden to confuse fondness and emotional closeness and physical connections designed to bring new life, existence, and growth. The impulse for sex has been imprinted in humans and animals as one. It's not bad to enjoy it and there's nothing to be ashamed about. But how shallow and humiliating is it to enjoy it as an animal act," and only get a slap on the wrist.

In the News:

Friday, November 10, 2006

I don't get it: Post-Denominational

Post-Denominational really doesn’t make much sense to me. How is one not affiliated with the ideals and principles of the group with whom one chooses to affiliate?

To say you are in a Post-fill-in-the-adverb-here would mean you are no longer in a world where said description is applicable. It could be fair to say that these so-called Post-Denominational folks are do not affiliate with a particular Movement of the recognized Jewish community. Yet shockingly these folk tend to be of the Upwardly Mobile Urban Jews, not the Jews in smaller communities, where the Denominations tend to provide help and support.

We are not close to the end of the Movements or the Denominations, we are in a period of flux and change. Yet if the folks who identify as Post-Present continue to create only for their own Jewish community, we all will lose the ability to provide for the future of the Jewish people living outside of Brooklyn or the Upper Westside.

There was a study done that has shown a steady decrease in Jewish population from the Mid-West. (It is second hand info, if I find it I will quote it.) Southern Jewish life is hurting REALLY badly. The Institute for Southern Jewish Life has been working for years to preserve the Jewish traditions of the South. Where once vibrant Jewish communities stood, there are now empty synagogues and institutions. Why do I bring this up? Simply because the major institutions and denominations continue to work to insure the history and tradition while the post-denominationalist are busy with themselves.

The reality of any movement is that it is made up of parts and conflicting little differences. (Here is the rub) No Movement or Idea or Denomination is unitary. Yet the Post-Denominationalist leaving their respective Denominations is creating dearth of their particular point of view. They are not changing institutions that are created to serve the infrastructure of the Jewish community; they are fragmenting it and taking away from its intellectual base.

I invite you to change whatever it is you do not like. But you are welcome to come back when your kids need Religious School with no hard feelings.

Update: This post has made a few people mad. Please read Shabbat Ideas - November 17, 2006 to see my response to these folks.

Shabbat Ideas - November 10th

Shabbat Shalom Folks-

While I am SURE not a single individual is actually reading this blog as of now, here are my thoughts of this Erev Shabbat.

World Pride in Jerusalem would have been killer. Oh well.
The Democrats control both Chambers of Congress. This is good.
Donald Rumsfeld is no longer in charge. This is good.
President Bush is still the President. This is bad.
Dick Cheney is still evil and still the Veep. That is also bad.

Now for some Jewish ideas of the week:
The Forward came out with its “Forward 50” this week. This is the list of the top 50 influential people in the Jewish community in the United States. I think the JJ et al did a wonderful job. I only wonder about Sasha Cohen. Borat, and his cultural findings, while funny and provocative do not really hit me as truly influential Jew.

Borat is a very important aspect of modern hip-jew stuff. But he isn’t changing anything. Sasha Cohen and his in your face brilliant social commentary is only exposing exactly what Jews fear, they hate us. In the new book (which I have not read) The Wicked Son, the author talks about this type of humor and other such self-hatred as the worst kind of anti-Semitism. While I don’t agree with such an analysis, I do think that there is a line to keep in mind.

I love anti-Semetic jokes. They are funny. They are uncalled for and most of all they piss my parents off. It exposes our other racisims and hatreds. But only if they are seen as such. If they are taken out of context or as truth, then we are in trouble and we cross that line.

In my family there is such thing as table talk. We can talk about whatever but that stays at the table. We as Jews can bust on ourselves and make light of our issues, but really what good does it do when we go out into the greater community with the same schtick? I would argue not too much. While audiences in New York and Los Angeles will laugh at the ridiculous nature of the exposed bigot, the millions of bigots in-between will laugh at the Jew.

(Disclaimer: I do not think all people between the two points of culture in the United State are bigots, but really let us look at the voting record and radio stations. Should we fight bigotry by calling people morons or by teaching them somthing? I would go so far to say that Borat only encourages the morons in the middle to learn the same bigotry they already have. That is all I am sayin')

Don’t get me wrong, I will go to see Borat, I will buy the new “JewFace” album and I will read Heeb. But I do so keeping in mind that I am proud young Jew. I would love to hear what you have to say…but let's be real…no one is reading this.

Yet I suppose that with all the press Borat and his cultural findings have produced, it could be said he belongs on the 50 by default. He might be funny, but he is not changing anything.

Pride Rally of Jersalem

THIS JUST IN: Ultra-Orthodox Don't Like Gays

(Jrls, Israel) Black Hats didn't fly today because Gays have been segregated into a football stadium. No one who disagrees will have to see the Gays. Stopping the Pride Parade, due to security issues (real ones) the Israeli Gov't sent the GLBT folks away from downtown. Thank God for bigotry driven policy.

News Reports: Meretz MK congratulates J'lem gay pride rally organizers